Privacy Policy

The Basics

This policy regarding the processing of personal information ("Privacy Policy") describes how BEAUTYCOS ApS ("BEAUTYCOS", "us", "our", "we") collect and treat data about you.

The Privacy Policy applies to data provided by you or collected through the BEAUTYCOS website,

BEAUTYCOS are data responsible for your personal data. All contact to BEAUTYCOS can happen via the contact information under section 7.

Overview of collected data, the purpose of the data collection and legal basis for the treatment of this data

When you visit the website, we automatically collect data regarding you and how you use the website, fx which browser and search terms you use and your IP address including your network location and information about your computer.

The purpose is to improve the user experience and website functions, and to perform targeted marketing including retargeting via Facebook, Instagram, Criteo and Google. This treatment of data is necessary for our continued improvement of our website and our ability to show you relevant advertising.

Legal basis for the processing of this data is The EU General Data Protection Regulation, Article 6, chapter 1, letter F.

Whenever you purchase a product or communicate with us via the website we collect the data you provide, fx name, address, e-mail address, phone number, payment method, data regarding the purchased products and possible returned products, order delivery preferences and data regarding the IP address from which the order was placed.

The purpose is to ensure our ability to deliver the ordered products to you and otherwise be able to fulfill our agreement with you, including handling any potential returns or complaints. Data regarding your purchases are also processed to ensure compliance with Danish laws regarding corporate accounting.

The legal basis the processing of this data is The EU General Data Protection Regulation, Article 6, chapter 1, letters b, c and f.

When you sign up for our newsletter we collect data regarding your name, e-mail address and possibly phone number.

The purpose is to ensure our ability to deliver newsletters to you.

Legal basis the processing of this data is The EU General Data Protection Regulation, Article 6, chapter 1, letter f.

Recipients of personal data

Data regarding your name, address, e-mail address, phone number, order number and order delivery preferences is disclosed to PostNord, GLS or a similar delivery service provider that handles the delivery of the purchased products to you. In case of non-stocked

Data may be disclosed to external partners that process the data on our behalf. We use external partners for technical services, improvements of our website, sending our newsletters, targeted advertising (including retargeting) and similar services, including reviews of our company and products by you. Data regarding your name and e-mail address is disclosed to TrustPilot who is able to – on our behalf – invite you to review us on the TrustPilot website, for example. Should you choose to submit a review on the TrustPilot website they (TrustPilot) becomes responsible for the data you provide them. These companies are data processors under our direction and they process data that we are responsible for. Data processors may not use the disclosed data for any other purpose than fulfilling their agreements with us and are obligated to treat the data confidentially. We have entered into written data protection agreements with all data processors that handle personal data on our behalf.

Two of these data processors, Google Analytics of Google LLC and Facebook Inc. are located in the United States of America. The required guarantees for transfer of data to the USA are secured through the data processors’ certifications under the EU-U.S. Privacy Shield, cf. The EU General Data Protection Regulation, Article 45.

A copy of Google LLC's certification is located here:

A copy of Facebook Inc.'s certification is located here:

Your rights

In order to ensure transparency with regards to the processing of your data we are required to inform you of your rights.

Right of access

You are at all times entitled to request information regarding what data we have processed regarding you, the purpose of the processed data, which categories of personal data and recipients (data processors) are involved in the processing of the data, including where we have collected the data.

You are entitled to receive a copy of the personal data we are processing with regards to you. If you wish to receive a copy of your personal data send a written request to You may be asked to provide documentation to confirm your identity before we can release the information to you.

Right of correction

You are entitled to have incomplete or inaccurate data corrected or enhanced by us. If you become aware of inaccuracies in the data we have processed with regards to you we encourage you to send us a written notice so that the data can be corrected or enhanced.

The data collected in the process of your registration in our website membership is available for editing through logging into your user profile.

Right to erasure

In some cases you have the right to have all or some of your personal data removed by us, fx if you decide to revoke your consent and we have no legal basis for continuing the processing of the data. If the continued processing of your data is necessary to ensure our upholding of legal responsibilities or to determine, settle or defend legal claims we are not obligated to erase your personal data.

Right to limit the processing to storage

In some cases you are entitled to have the processing of your data limited to storing the data, fx if you believe that the data we are processing with regards to you are incorrect.

Right to data mobility

In some cases you are entitled to retrieve the personal data you have provided us in a structured, standard machine-readable format and you are entitled to transfer this data to another data processor.

Right to objection

You are entitled to object our processing of your personal data regarding direct marketing including the profiling done to create targeted advertising.

You are furthermore entitled to object the processing of your personal data due to concerns regarding your personal situation, cf. section 2.1 and 2.3.

Right to revoke consent

You are entitled to revoke consent you have given us for processing your personal data. If you wish to revoke consent please send a request to

Right to file complaint

You are entitled to file a complaint with the Danish data supervision institution Datatilsynet via the e-mail address or by calling the phone number +45 33 19 32 00. Alternatively you can contact your local data supervision institution for guidance.

Deletion of personal data

Information regarding your use of the website will be deleted one year after your last visit to the website at the latest, cf. section 2.1.

Data collected during your sign up to our newsletter will be deleted when your consent to receive the newsletter is revoked, unless we have a different purpose to processing the data.

The information collected during the completion of a purchase from the website will usually be deleted at the end of the calendar year in which the purchase was made, cf. section 2.2. Data may be stored and/or processed for an extended period of time if we have a legitimate need for it, fx. if it is necessary in order to determine, settle or defend legal claims or if it is necessary in order to uphold legal responsibilities. Accounting data is stored for 5 years until the end of the fiscal year to uphold Danish corporate accounting laws.


We have implemented appropriate technical and organizational security protocols to ensure that personal data is processed in a way that it is not destroyed, lost, changed, subjected to a reduction in quality, passed on to unauthorized persons or organizations or subject to improper use.

Only employees who need to process your personal data for work purposes will be allowed to access the personal data.

Contact information

BEAUTYCOS are data responsible for the personal data collected through the website.

If you have any questions or comments regarding our Privacy Policy or you wish to exercise any or several of your rights as described in this document please contact us here:


Lille Tornbjerg Vej 26

5220 Odense SØ


Phone: +353 80 081 4271


Changes to our Privacy Policy

In case we make changes to our Privacy Policy you will be notified during your next visit to our website.


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Youtube API Client may allow third parties to serve content like advertisements.

Youtube API Client uses YouTube API Services.

See Google privacy policy


This is version 1.0 of the BEAUTYCOS Privacy Policy dated 20/03/2019.


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