Terms & Conditions


  1. General
    1. Third party content
    2. Force Majeure
    3. Changes to these terms
  2. Customer rights and responsibilities
    1. Privacy policy
    2. Information deletion request
  3. Products and prices
  4. Payment
  5. Delivery and transport
  6. Cancellation right
  7. Return right
  8. Liability for errors
  9. Reclamations and complaints
    1. Information on complaint procedures
  10. Extra services
  11. Offers and limitations
  12. Governing law and jurisdiction during dispute

1. General

VAT-number: DK34694435
Email: webshop (a) beautycos.ie
Terms updated: 19.10.2022

BEAUTYCOS is a web shop through which the customer can purchase goods sold directly by BEAUTYCOS and other products from other companies which have decided to sell their products via the BEAUTYCOS page.

The following terms are followed when making a sales contract between BEAUTYCOS and the customer.

With any third party member affiliated with the sales contract, also customer protection laws and any specific terms affiliated with the third party will be used together with these terms.

1.1 Third party content

All trademarks belong to their rightful owners. BEAUTYCOS may provide links to websites which are not controlled by BEAUTYCOS. BEAUTYCOS cannot guarantee that the content found on third party links linked via BEAUTYCOS is accurate or up to date, neither that the websites follow the same privacy agreement and security measures as BEAUTYCOS. The address holder is responsible for the content inside the link.

1.2 Force Majeure

BEAUTYCOS is not liable for any damage that it caused by an unpreventable obstacle, unpredicted event or a change in circumstances that cannot be influenced by BEAUTYCOS and which BEAUTYCOS cannot prevent reasonably. These are for example, but not exclusively legal strikes, warfare, fire, weather phenomenon, terror strikes, changes in legislation, technical problems, communication errors, supplier difficulties, or something caused by the aforementioned. During the unpreventable circumstances the liability to cover any damage or do any compensation is voided. BEAUTYCOS is liable to inform the customer as fast as possible of any unpreventable circumstances affecting the sales contract .

1.3 Changes to these terms

BEAUTYCOS reserves the right to change these terms one sided without notifying the customer beforehand. All orders will follow the terms that were applied at the moment of purchase, visible at BEAUTYCOS's website. All changes are immediate unless otherwise specified. The latest terms can always be found on the website. The customers will not necessarily be informed individually of these changes, e.g. via email. The customer needs to always read and accept the terms before any purchase.

2. Customer rights and responsibilities

BEAUTYCOS.ie sells products to private people who are of age (later on referred to as consumer) and to people under the age of 18 years with the approval of their legal caretakers. Ordering via any credit purchase method by a person under the age of 18 is strictly prohibited.

BEAUTYCOS can also sell to organizations and to other business partners with a contract made on a case by case basis directly with the buyer.

By ordering from BEAUTYCOS the buyer creates a user account to the shop. The customer is responsible for providing the seller with most up to date and accurate information, as well as responsible for any mistakes in the information. How the information will be handled and protected by BEAUTYCOS will be elaborated under BEAUTYCOS's Privacy Policy, which is also part of these terms.

The customer can access his or her account at any time to view their current order status, and to view selected purchased download products.

The customer is liable for keeping his login information a secret and not to give the information to anyone else. Any information regarding the login information must be protected by the customer, and any documents containing this information must be kept so that outside parties have no access to them. Inability to comply will lead to liability to pay for any purchases made by another person with the account holder's information.

The customer might be sent requests to review any ordered items or be sent other questionnaires. The customer is not required to answer or to react to these inquiries.

Any damage to goods that is noticed upon receiving the item must be informed to the seller, BEAUTYCOS, without unnecessary delay. Damages reported later after 14 days of receiving will be considered not being due to any mishandling by the sender or the courier. Any exceptions will be made on a case by case basis between a customer supporter and the customer.

Any customer account that has been used in violation to these terms can be closed without any warning.

2.1 Privacy policy

The privacy policy that is part of these terms can be viewed from: https://www.BEAUTYCOS.ie/minisite/t/privacy

Information regarding browser cookies can be seen here: https://www.BEAUTYCOS.ie/minisite/t/cookie

2.2 Information deletion request

Request to delete any customer information will be handled in accordance to these terms, and the request will be fulfilled in accordance to the Danish law and EU regulations regarding private information, and as fast as possible.

3. Products and prices

All the prices shown on the site include all taxes unless otherwise clearly mentioned. All product descriptions are as accurate as possible, with the information received directly from the item publisher or manufacturer. If the item price is not correct, the item will not be sold if the customer can be recognized to have understood the price not to be accurate.

Product pictures are for illustrative purposes only. The pictures might not completely reflect the state or nature or origin of the item. BEAUTYCOS is not responsible for any information provided by a third party.

With exception to obviously incorrect prices decribed in the first paragraph of this point, items will be sold at the price that was agreed upon confirming the order. Price reductions on an item are not informed to the customer, but the customer has the right to inform the seller about price reductions, and the order price can be negotiated to reflect the price reduction.

All electircal product is with EU plug and you need a converter to use it in Ireland.

The main warehouse as well as the headquarters of BEAUTYCOS Denmark.

BEAUTYCOS is not liable for ordering items from a manufacturer in order to be able to send any item as per order request, even if the order is already confirmed. Orders with discontinued items will be refunded to the customer on an item by item basis.

4. Payment

You can pay by the following means of payment VISA, MasterCard,VISA Electron or Paypal. All payments are charged in GBP.

The most up to date information regarding different payment methods can always be found from https://www.BEAUTYCOS.ie/minisite/t/payment.

BEAUTYCOS is a Danish merchant, and therefore some cards can be charged a small fee for making purchases at an international merchant. This is a charge levied by the card issuer NOT by BEAUTYCOS. Some banks only charge if a foreign currency is being used - i.e. a FX charge is charged. However, this depends upon the issuer themselves.

For questions regarding your BEAUTYCOS invoice please contact our customer support team.

You'll receive advance notice on email when we have dispatched a product to you. Any objection must be made within 4 working days of advance notice being sent. Payments made by debit card are always protected against abuse. You have the option to refuse payment when you receive your payment history. In the unlikely event that your card is misused in an Internet store that uses SSL (Secure Socket Layer) in its payment system you will be fully protected and can recover any loss incurred. Thus, you are better protected than in the physical world.

The data you submit in connection with purchases paid with by credit card is encrypted (SSL). Neither BEAUTYCOS or others have the opportunity to read the data you provide.

Maestro Card Payment

When using a VISA, MasterCard or VISA Electron we will only charge your card when the goods are in stock and ready to be dispatched to you. Due to the way Solo and Maestro cards are processed by the banks, we are required to take payment in advance and regardless if an item is in stock or not.

For all card types and payments we can only charge you for the amount you have ordered and can never charge a larger amount than you have authorized and approved.

IMPORTANT! Your statement will show withdrawals from BEAUTYCOS Aps.

5. Delivery and transport

Average shipping time is 3 business days.

We always aim to send all orders the same day as long as it is ordered before 3 pm Monday-friday. During busy periods this is not always possible due to order volumes and therefore your orders will be sent as soon as possible. We can not offer refunds for late delivery.

All shipping time estimates are made on the basis of the information that has been provided to BEAUTYCOS by the couriers which are used to ship goods, and the information that has been received from the manufacturers and publishers of the goods.


Delivery time depends on whether the product is in stock. Normal delivery times are expected to take 2-3 business days from the date of dispatch but may take longer if circumstances beyond our control disrupt postal services. Missing / delayed items: Please note that we will need to wait 15 days before being able to trace, replace or refund lost items.

If the product is not in stock delivery time will be dependent on the time taken to source the goods from our suppliers. You can always see the status of your orders by viewing your personal account at BEAUTYCOS.ie

After a product has been dispatched, we send a notification email to you. The email is automatically generated and sent from us at approximately 7:00pm. Once you have received your dispatch confirmation email, it means that we have charged, picked and dispatched the order to the address specified on account. If after 4 business days from the date of the confirmation email being sent, you do not receive your order, please contact our customer service team in order to initiate an inquiry. If no contact is made, we will consider orders successfully delivered after 5 business days.

If a consignment is lost or delayed as a subsequent result of entering incorrect/wrong details on the order, BEAUTYCOS.ie will not be held liable under any circumstances.

If a shipment is delivered to a pick up location the customer is responsible for retrieving the item within the holding time. Parcels are to be picked up personally and usually require a picture ID to be handed.

6. Cancellation right

Cancellation request can be done by contacting BEAUTYCOS customer support and by giving a written notice of the cancellation request, via email. After giving the cancellation request to a BEAUTYCOS employee it may take up to 48h for the order to be cancelled, in which time the order may already been sent out, thus making the cancellation impossible.

Orders that could have been cancelled in good time by the customer, but were already sent out are not considered cancelled.

7. Return right

You have the right to return your purchase according to your consumer rights. The product must be returned in substantially the same condition and quantity as when you received it.

Under your consumer rights, you have the right to return the product, i.e. you can refuse the delivery or return the purchase, provided that the return shipment is dispatched to us within 14 days after you have received it, in its original packaging and in substantially same condition as received. To return a product, you will need to send the item back to us Via DHL within 14 days. Before returning please contact our Customer Service team. You can do so by writing us an email to webshop (a) beautycos.ie. The product must be sent back securely in protective packaging. Return shipping cost 12.95 €.

Please note that the product must be returned unused, since a use of the product constitutes a significant impairment of the value and by putting into service can no longer be counted as being in substantially the same condition. With perfumes, hygiene products and other similar goods the items to be returned have to be completely unused and in new condition. It is also a requirement that the goods are returned intact in its original packaging in which goods were delivered. Missing or damaged original packaging may result in lapses in your rights.

BEAUTYCOS employees have the right to make customized return agreements with the customer. The information must be given written, via email.

Upon receiving the returned goods, all items will be checked that they meet the conditions under the returns policy/procedure. A refund or replacement will be processed as quickly as possible. Please enclose your BEAUTYCOS account (normally 6 digits long) and order ID (normally 8 digits long) so we can credit your money directly to your original method of payment. Returned goods are normally processed upon their return. If your product is not refunded / returned and / or you do not hear from us within 9 business days, please contact us.

Bulk items and other bulk orders must be returned in their entirety and cannot be returned only partially. If a bulk order is returned partially BEAUTYCOS reserves the right to treat the shipment as a shipment sent to the seller as an defective product following with the 3 month waiting period described under section 8. Liability for errors.

Returned goods should be sent to:

Lille Tornbjerg Vej 26
5220 Odense SØ

*Before sending any returns items to us make sure you will obtain a proof of posting certificate from your local post office*

Pack returning goods well to avoid damage. Add a minimum 10cm of padding for items that are not in their original shipment packaging, designed by the item manufacturer for shipping. BEAUTYCOS is not liable for damages caused by bad or careless packaging.

No returns are accepted that are directed to be picked up by the seller from a pick up location. The customer is responsible for all aspects regarding shipments not sent directly to the seller.

Note that an order that has been refused and returned to the sender is not considered legally to be returned. In accordance to EU law the seller must always be informed about the return in order for the refusal to be considered a return/cancellation of the order.


8. Liability for errors

BEAUTYCOS reserves the right to charge the customer for any expenses caused by the customer or resulting from actions taken by the customer, or from the lack of actions. These include but are not exclusive to extra shipping services, missing content, and unreasonable delay.

When any extra expenses are noticed BEAUTYCOS will inform the customer about the expenses without unnecessary delay.

Any defective product sent to BEAUTYCOS for repairs or to be returned will be inspected and the possible error confirmed. After receiving the item the checkup process takes 3-5 business days. Any consecutive repair procedure can take up to 30 days, or even longer depending on the item in question and the preferred manufacturer procedure.

Damages can only be reimbursed in maximum with the full price of the original item. The reimbursement can also be lower. The reimbursement can be done either via a refund or by giftcard.

Any damage caused by using the product in an unintended way or without consulting the user manual, if one was provided, or if the damage is caused intentionally will not be covered. Opening an item will void any warranty unless otherwise specified by the manufacturer.

BEAUTYCOS will not reimburse an order where the defect is due to an error in the original material. If a defect is subject interpretation the responsibility for the defect falls onto the customer.

Third party modifications will void any repair service.

BEAUTYCOS will not reimburse any immediate or non-immediate damage caused by the defect.

Defective items sent to BEAUTYCOS for repairs will be recycled if not claimed back within 3 months after repair attempt. The customer will be informed of the repair status via email.

The 3 month holding period is also applied to all shipments sent to the seller with insufficient information to identify the shipment.

If the customer sends BEAUTYCOS a non defective item for repairs, but the item is either not defective or the damage has been caused by the customer, BEAUTYCOS will return the item back to customer. BEAUTYCOS reserves the right to charge the customer for unnecessary or unwarranted work, and for the administrative paperwork per item. Pricing starts from 30 € (+ VAT) for each 30 min repair session started on the item.

9. Reclamations and complaints

Not everything goes always as planned, but do not worry we are prepared also for these things. We maintain a very high level of service and will do everything in our power to improve on this whenever possible. We take complaints very seriously and will do everything we can to resolve them as quickly as possible.

For non-delivery claims regarding your order shipment, any objection must be made within 4-5 working days of the order dispatch notice being sent to your e-mail.

For shipments damaged during transport the claim needs to be raised as early as possible, after receiving the shipment. The damage needs to be documented. Pictures of the damage and the acknowledgement of damage from the courier can be sent to our customer service e-mail webshop (a) beautycos.ie. The customer is required to provide BEAUTYCOS with necessary documentation or information to identify his or her order. The customer may need to prove that he or her has made the purchase with a proof of payment.

All reclamations will only be handled when provided in writing. Any verbal reclamation will be disregarded. Reclamations can be addresses to webshop(a)beautycos.ie or by as a letter sent to an address specified by the seller. Reclamations can also be made electronically if so specified by BEAUTYCOS customer support.

Customer service personnel cannot directly handle the claims. All reclamations will be handled by the reclamation department. Reclamations will be if needed, handled with more personnel involved from BEAUTYCOS.

You can also find answers to most common problems in our FAQ page.

9.1 Information on complaint procedures

European Commission's online complaint portal can be used when filing a complaint. This is particularly relevant if you are a consumer residing in another EU country than Denmark where BEAUTYCOS.com is headquartered. Complaints can be sent here http: //ec.europa.eu/odr. When filing a complaint enter our e-mail address webshop(a)beautycos.ie

10. Extra services

BEAUTYCOS sometimes provides unlisted special services, agreed on a case by case basis with the customer.

All special orders, modified items, and any special services provided to the customer do not have any cancellation or return right. Any special treatment that has already been started will be charged if a cancellation is made after confirming the order, but prior to being provided to the customer. Any work will be tried to be stopped as soon as possible after cancellation.

11. Offers and limitations

All offer on site are meant for private customers only, and not for retail customers.

Sometimes there might be seasonal or otherwise temporary additional conditions that apply in addition to these terms, e.g. extended return right period. The additional conditions apply only for the duration that the seller has pre-defined and only for the products that are specified. When the additional conditions expire or they are cancelled these terms are applied as they are.

Any offer limited to a quantity or to a specific item are valid only for as long as the offer time was specified or as long as the item is sold out.

Some items may be subject to age or quantity restrictions. In these cases the customer must be ready to provide necessary information to confirm the legitimacy to receive the order either to BEAUTYCOS or a third party, e.g. a courier.

All used products are sold "as is".

The stock status is as up to date as can be seen to be reasonable, but may experience delays during heavy traffic, e.g. during sales.

12. Governing law and jurisdiction during dispute

All disputes will be solved primarily with a contract between the seller after negotiating with the sellers customer service. In a dispute the seller will apply the Danish law and Danish Consumerbudsman principles, or any other European country governing decisions.

The customer has the right to contest any point in these terms. Any dispute regarding these terms or how they are interpreted or applied will be solved solely by Danish law, in the closest district court to the BEAUTYCOS headquarters.

Version 1.1
Last updated October 19, 2022


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